Everlast offers Four broad designs for Windows

Everlast windows and doors are made up of a series of interlocking pieces welded together to ensure highly durable frame. Furthermore, each frame is reinforced with galvanized steel for maximum strength and rigidity.

  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Asymmertrical Windows
  • Fixed Windows

Sliding Windows

  • Two movable sliding tracks that slide in opposite directions
  • Provides 50% opening at any given time
  • Mosquito mesh can be fitted either inside or outside
  • Windows that require good sound insulation and space economy
  • For Bed rooms and Living Rooms
  • Windows with external or internal burglar proof

Fixed Windows

EVERLAST fixed windows are mostly installed permanently, mostly in areas that are difficult to reach and do not need opening. The purpose of this window is mainly to let more light into the room and increase visibility in your living space. It is mostly used where ventilation is not a concern. This type of window gives room for decoration on the glass to add beauty to the room.

Everlast fixed windows are airtight sealed which keep noise, dust and pollution out. They can also be paired with other window types to create a unique design.

It is suitable for dull areas in the home such staircase of the home, entrance of Hall or basements. Use Everlast fixed windows to maximize your favorite view.

Asymmetric Windows

With Everlast the choice is entirely yours.

Almost all individual shape requests can be realized with our profile systems. We give shape to your imagination and can produce shape in circle, arch or swept head.

Even if it concerns large areas of glazing, without which modern architecture is difficult to imagine, almost all options are open.

As with our innovative adhesion technology, the window elements can be constructed in sizes, which could not be realised with conventional window.

With Everlast we make your building exclusive and uniquely elegant.

Casement Windows

Everlast Casement windows replace the traditional windows with its elegance and stylish look but provide you the same security features of the traditional casement window.

It allows maximum light into your rooms and its energy-efficiency quality help cut down your heating bills. Casement windows have a higher level of security for your home. Depending on your needs and requirements; Everlast casement window can either be a Tilt & Turn Window, Tilt Out window, Turn Out window or Tilt In windows. You can also have a choice of glass either single or double glazing.

With Everlast we make your building exclusive and uniquely elegant