We’ll change your OUTLOOK

What do you look for when choosing a window or door?


Everlast windows and doors give you all this and more.

There is an Everlast design to suit your home or office. Because of the versatility of uPVC, our windows and doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colours and finishes.

We custom build your windows and doors, as well as install them for you and provide after sales services.

The perfect solution for your home or office needs.

5 Reasons For Choosing Everlast Windows & Doors

Our state of art production facility guarantees the perfect finish for every window and door. Our specialized and service oriented installation team takes care of the installation..


Everlast uPVC windows and doors require no painting, no sanding and no warping. What it needs is only routine cleaning.

Sound Insulation

Everlast Windows and Doors are fusion welded, lock at multiple points around the frame and are double sealed leading to excellent sound insulation. Double glazing is available on request which can offer the ultimate in sound and temperature insulation.

Resistance to Water

Everlast Windows and Doors have a built in special rain drain mechanism.

Resistance to Wind

Everlast Windows and Doors are multi chambered and reinforced with steel; it can withstand heavy wind loads.


Everlast Windows and Doors have elegant looks, enhances both; the exteriors and interiors of the building.