The communication sector demands uninterrupted and reliable service for continuous transmission of data.

The quality of cable duct system, in which these vital links are encased, must be dependable and protect the cable network for decades.

Interplast offers different types of cable ducting, in various lengths and diameter in PE and UPVC to give its customers total flexibility.

Solid Wall UPVC Ducting Pipes
Interplast Solid Wall UPVC Ducting Pipes are produced in socketed lengths in different diameters ranging from 45mm to 110mm OD.These pipes are smooth inside and outside walls for easy drawing of cables.
Double Wall PP Ducting Pipes
Interplast Double Wall PP Ducting Pipes are manufactured by a twin extrusion process in which the two layers are extruded simultaneously, one inside the other, and heat welded together in one continuous process. The outer wall is corrugated and the inner wall has a smooth finish to assist the hydraulic flow. The smooth inside and ribbed outside walls for quick laying and easy drawing of cables. These pipes are offered in longer lengths and are supplied as coils of 50 or 100 meter.
Silicone Coated PE Sub duct Pipes
Interplast Silicone Coated PE Sub duct pipes are extruded from PE100 virgin HDPE material and co-extruded with special lubricant that is distributed uniformly along the entire inner surface of the duct providing a low friction smooth surface for easy cable drawing or blowing. The outer HDPE shell makes the pipe more tough and durable and enables the duct to withstand the pressure as well as retains the roundness under soil pressure and traffic load.

The Cable Ducting systems from Interplast are used for:

  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Signaling
  • Computer networks
  • Fiber optics
  • Electrical power cables
  • Complete plastic system
    Complete range of accessories to suit all systems available.
  • Reliable and durable
    Leak proof joints; preventing ingress of surrounding water
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance
    Non-corrosive and resistant to many chemicals and chemically active soils.
  • Smooth bore
    Maintaining a smooth internal surface for quick laying and easy drawing of cables.
  • Rigidity
    High tensile strength and modulus of elasticity to absorb Thermal and Mechanical Shocks
  • Meeting all requirements
    Interplast cable ducting systems meets all International Standards.