Interplast offers a comprehensive range of PE100 (polyethylene) pressure pipe systems designed for (potable) water applications, as well as for many other pressure applications. Interplast PE pressure pipes are manufactured from high-density polyethylene PE 100.

The products have a high level of flexibility so the pipes can be “snaked” in the ground. No 11 ¼ or 22 ½ degree bends are required. All Interplast PE production is on “Build to Order” basis.

Interplast PE pressure pipe range consists of a wide assortment of pipes available in many diameters and different pressure classes. Interplast PE pipe systems are available in outside diameter sizes ranging from 20 mm to 1200 mm.

The small sizes up to Diameter 125mm are available on coils. Larger sizes are available in standard pipe lengths of 6 and 12 meter length or optimized for container transport in lengths of 5, 8 and 11, 8 meter.

We also offer Long Lengths solutions of pipes up to 20M for projects in Ghana and selected West African countries where goods can be transported by road. The advantages of Interplast long length concept:

  • Reduced Welding Work
  • Substantial Time Savings
  • Cost savings For the Contractor
  • Lower Transportation Costs

Interplast PE pressure pipes are suitable for the :

  • Transport and distribution potable water
  • Industrial applications
  • Pressure sewer

High reliability and proven service performance PE is the preferred choice, particularly in buried pipe systems like water and gas distribution systems.

Resistance to low Temperatures
Due to its high ductility, toughness and elasticity, Interplast PE gives no problems during installation at a wide variety of ambient temperatures.

High Impact Resistance
The enormous resistance against surge and fatigue eliminates the necessity of a higher pressure rating and investments in anti-surge devices.

Abrasion Resistance
Comparisons have shown that PE pipes have a higher abrasion resistance than other materials; therefore PE pipes are the most preferred for slurry transporting pipe systems.

Excellent flow Characteristics
The smooth bore and resistance against surge allows higher flow velocities.

Excellent Chemical Resistance
PE is resistant to a great number of chemical agents. In case of doubt, please ask our staff.

Welding Ability
Because of the good welding ability and elasticity of PE, long lengths can be assembled outside the (narrow) trench. The welded joints are strong and highly reliable.

Wide variety of Installation Methods
PE pipes offer the installer all possible solutions for installation, which can provide considerable time and costs savings. PE pipes are for example preferred in trenchless and “narrow trenching” installation.

Low Weight
The low weight of the Interplast PE system makes it easy to transport and handle.

Meeting all Requirements
Interplast PE pressure pipes comply with ISO 4427, DIN 8074 -75 and EN 12201 – 2 standards.

The jointing possibilities of Interplast PE pressure pipes are:

  • Butt fusion
  • Electro fusion
  • Flanged connection
  • Mechanical compression joints


Pipe System Fittings

Interplast offers her clients a complete range of fittings suitable to create a complete system solution.