HDPE and PP pipe are relatively lightweight allowing for easier and less costly transportation and installation costs.The use of INCOR PE/PP has increased drastically based on factors such as the pipe’s strength, durability, joint integrity and long-term cost-effectiveness and is the first choice for gravity flow systems and underground cable ducting. It is manufactured according to EN 13476 standards for drainage applications and EN 50086 for cable ducting.

The Interplast INCOR product range of PE and PP pipes are available in black, grey and ivory color. Pipes and fittings are available in the nominal pipe sizes of 20, 25, 32 and 40mm.

The INCOR pipe family consists of corrugated HDPE and PP pipes especially designed for:

  • Foul water Sewer
  • Cable Ducting
  • Highway filter Drains
  • Carrier Drains
  • Golf course land Drainage
  • Surface water Drainage
  • Methane gas Venting

96% lighter than concrete pipes.

The pipe is lightweight, making it both easy to transport and store.

Push-fit coupler makes the installation process quicker and saves time and energy. Also manufactured in long lengths. This adds up to significant potential for installation cost savings.

Structural Strength
Double walled INCOR pipes have the unique ability to support and distribute live and dead load allowing it to withstand every installation condition.

UV stabilized
Makes them highly suited to above ground installations.

Corrosion Resistance
PE/PP is the most chemically inert of all plastics and therefore has a high resistance to corrosion.

Abrasion Resistance
A Smooth internal surface allows for low resistance flow.

Minimum life-span of 50 years above ground where it can be exposed to external elements, it can be used for up to 100 years when buried.

  • Gravity Water Transportation Systems
  • Industrial Waste Water Systems
  • Reliability and Security
  • Silt-tight and water-tight joint ability. This secures anything inside from coming outside


INCOR PE / PP Large Diameter Pipes Technical Specification
The double wall corrugated pipes produced by Interplast have an effective length of 6m, a total length of 6.21m, with an integrated coupling sleeve at one end. At request, pipes can be delivered without an integrated coupling sleeve, with lengths of up to 12m. The integrated coupling sleeve together with the special profile O-ring rubber seal, delivered along with the pipe, insures a long lasting and safe tightening. The integrated coupling sleeve allows for a fast and simple connection with great reduction in installation time. Interplast INCOR is produced according to the EN13476 standards for drainage applications and EN50086 for cable ducting.


INCOR PE/PP Small Diameter Technical Specification
Interplast manufactures single wall corrugated pipes in nominal pipe sizes of 20, 25, 32 and 40mm. Single wall pipes are used on farms, golf course, parks and playing fields for the purpose of channeling away excess underground moisture. We offer the option of perforated and solid INCOR pipes in most of our stock sizes. Our smaller diameter pipes come in 50 and 100 meters rolls that is either perforated or not and most commonly used for gutter drainage and other low flow applications.

We also provide both soil tight and water tight options. Interplast INCOR product range of PE and PP pipes are available in black, grey and ivory colours.

There are various methods for Joining INCOR pipes that are widely practiced:

  • Butt welding
  • Grout vent
  • Heat shrink sleeves
  • Snap fit couplers
  • Split couplers
  • End plugs

The coupling of Interplast corrugated pipes can be accomplished either by welding, or by using the integrated coupling sleeve and O-ring rubber seal supplied along with each pipe.

A variety of fitting are available including couplings elbows, tees, lateral connections, drop inlets, bulkheads, and end caps. Fittings can be utilized for either single wall or double wall pipe runs. Fittings available for installation include:

  • Couplers
  • 90 degree bends
  • Equal Tees
  • Reducing Tees