uPVC pressure pipes and fittings are manufactured from quality unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride polymer which is a thermoplastic material.

The lightweight pipes and fittings are available in diameters from 20 mm – 400 mm and in pressure classes ranging from PN 6 to PN 16. The uPVC pressure pipes are available in socketed and plain ended lengths. They can be jointed in various ways.

The uPVC pressure pipes and fittings from Interplast are suitable for the following applications:

  • Potable water distribution systems
  • Irrigation and watering systems
  • Industrial process pipelines
  • Pressure sewer
  • Effluent pipelines
  • Slurry pipelines
    • High reliability and proven service performance

uPVC pipes and fittings are one of the most preferred piping material world-wide for potable water supply and distribution pipes.

  • Complete plastic system

Extensive range of pipes and fittings are available.

  • Smooth bore, free from incrustations

Maintaining a smooth internal surface, preventing the build-up of deposits. Minimum maintenance required.

  • Corrosion resistant

Durable and complete plastic system with smooth internal bore.

  • Light weight

uPVC is lightweight and is extremely easy to install which can save both time and money on any given project when compared to other, more traditional pipework materials.

  • Reliable and durable

Both, the easy rubber ring push-fit system and solvent cement ensure a tight and durable connection.

  • Safe for potable water supply

uPVC is proven to be one of the most reliable and safe piping materials for potable water.

  • Effective rubber ring seal joint

Reduced jointing effort and improved reliability.

  • High chemical resistance

Interplast uPVC pressure pipes and fittings allow the safe transportation of many acids, alkalis and chemical concentrates without fear of corrosion and environmental pollution.

  • Meeting all requirements

Interplast uPVC pipes meet all the major standards like BS 3505, DIN 8062, ISO 4422-2 and EN 1452-2. Product and material certificates offer the customer the highest level of quality and reliability.


Installation is quick and easy with a complete line of fittings either with the solvent glue weld sockets or the rubber seal socket joints. In either case, a leak-proof joint is assured. subsequent maintenance work is also carried out with a minimum of  complication and cost.

For underground applications the solvent cement joint is NOT recommended. The rubber ring seal joint is by far the preferred jointing technique for underground applications.

Pipe System Fittings

Interplast offers her clients a complete range of fittings suitable to create a complete system solution.

The communication sector demands uninterrupted and reliable service for continuous transmission of data.

The quality of cable duct system, in which these vital links are encased, must be dependable and protect the cable network for decades.

Interplast offers different types of cable ducting, in various lengths and diameter in PE and UPVC to give its customers total flexibility.